The sustainability Dashboard provides a simple publicly-accessible progress report on the City’s sustainability journey. It does this by providing a visual display of ‘trend data’ on a select set of ‘sustainability indicators’ identified through public consultations. But what is a sustainability indicator? An indicator is a sign, a signal or a warning that comes from information systems and data, that tells us how a system or ecosystem or human behavior is doing. Is it healthy and thriving or static, or contracting and dying. For example, an indicator may be concerned with how much area is covered by forest and whether that forest is healthy, meaning are the trees healthy, is there a diversity of healthy plants, birds, insects and animals. That’s important to know because forests provide many important functions such as producing oxygen, sequestering carbon, regulating temperature and supporting rainfall. An indicator arises from our common values with regards to what’s important to us and what we care about. Acknowledging the fact that we do not live in isolation or separation from nature but in fact completely rely on the natural world for all manner of services and even our very existence, it’s important to comprehend what impact we are having upon the different natural systems and if we need to change our ways.

Trend data, is the collection of data over several previous years or even decades, that helps us identify ‘a trend or pattern’ with regards our societal systems and behavior. Trend data helps us to comprehend in which direction this societal system or behavior is taking us in the future. For example, how we grow food, the nutritional quality that these food growing systems produce and how eating this food impacts our health over the long term for better or worse. Are we becoming healthier or sicker as a society? Trend data will tell us this information when viewed from a ‘systems thinking’ perspective. The dashboard is designed for the user to access and explore the different aspects of Chiang Mai City’s sustainability progress as framed by the four dimensions of sustainability– Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing. The dashboard also links to the different business, organizations and resident groups that are actively working on each indicator to transform our city. Finally, we link the sustainability indicators to the UN’s Sustainable Development (SDGs), and show our city’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Note: All information and data provided, is linked to the original data sources.


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