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Chiang Mai Nayu is represented by a team of talented people that care about sustainability and Chiang Mai. Due to the intention and focus of the online dashboard being both broad but also specific, this attracts residents, both Thai and Foreign, to volunteer in an area (which we call Sustainability Indicator) that they are particularly interested in. Whether it be organic food, waste recycling, mental health or urban green spaces, each team member is drawn to what they are most interested in.

At this phase of Chiang Mai Nayu, there is a particular focus on researching and understanding the ‘baseline’ of each indicator. What exactly is the situation and status of Chiang Mai with regards to each specific ‘indicator’. Where are we today? Our aim is to aggregate the ‘trend data’ about that specific indicator so we actually know in which direction the city is heading. Trend data, is data that is collected over several previous years or even decades, for example for air quality.

As a team, we believe when actively working together with the same values, vision and mindset, we become powerful citizens to have a positive impact within the community. Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing are the four key dimensions of sustainability that we are focused upon to co-create a liveable flourishing city, where everyone has good life of standards and respect for each other and nature.

Litticia T. Ninlapat

Social Media Manager

Litticia first reached out to us with the intention of spreading sustainability among the students of CMU. She has been the leading driving force to complete the translation of our first research brief, waste recycling. She is now working as the Social Media Manager with the objective of bringing the Thai and foreign community closer together that are working in areas related to the 20 sustainability indicators on the dashboard.

Sopida Tongsopit


Sopida’s knowledge of sustainability has been of particular importance when translating the more technical and nuanced aspects of Part 4 of the Waste Recycling brief. Together with Pallatryn, Sopida has helped us communicate using terminology familiar to the local residents. Coupled with our support in answering specific technical questions, it has been a great team effort.


Graphic Designer

Pear was able to capture the essence and vision of Chiang Mai Nayu in the creation of our logo. Bringing together Chiang Mai nature, Doi Suthep and the community in a playful, harmonious way. We did enjoy working with her and would recommend her graphic design talents.

Chiang Mai Nayu



Priao helped us with the initial translation of large parts of the website. As a professional translator we were grateful to receive her support and worked closely with her, answering technical questions related to the dashboard content, so as to get the Thai terminology right. 




Mink joined the team in 2022 as a professional translator, to translate the new website. We found Mink to be very professional in her approach and attitude, having both attention to detail and agreed project timelines. It is a pleasure to work with Mink and if you seek a professional Thai/English translator, we would recommend Mink.



Web Design

Napat joined the team in 2018 with the major task of designing and building our first website. Napat was instrumental in shaping the visual design of what we were trying to communicate. As a professional web designer her technical expertise was essential when deciding how to visually display the online dashboard and indicators. Napat is the type of woman that likes to get things done and delivers good standards. 

Susana Hancock

Founder & Vice President

Susana Hancock has a wealth of global professional experience with over twenty years of working in Europe and Asia in areas of leadership, staff training and personal development. Susana is a qualified Spiritual Counsellor and a Practitioner of Holistic Therapies. Susana is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist and a Detox & Clinical Weight Loss Therapist. Since 2016 Susana and Luke have been delivering professional training and coaching programs to individuals, schools and businesses in personal development, self-empowerment and nutritional therapy and detox in South East Asia.

Luke Hancock

Founder & President

Luke Hancock has over twenty years of professional work experience working in Europe and Asia in areas of business development, customer account management and team leadership in Television Broadcasting and IT Telecom’s. Following his 18-month sabbatical travelling the world, Luke studied environmental management, ecological design and systems thinking. He now works as a Sustainability Consultant and Permaculture Designer. Luke is also an accredited Life Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Since 2016 Luke and Susana have been delivering professional coaching, training and consultancy to individuals and businesses.

Join The Team

We are currently working with collaborators to conduct research upon the identified sustainability indicators in order to collect data and provide the content for the online dashboard. Volunteer your time, knowledge and skills in an area that you are passionate about or want to learn more about and transform Chiang Mai to become a living model of a sustainable city. 

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