Frequently Asked Questions

The Vision of Chiang Mai Nayu is to assist Chiang Mai to become one of South East Asia’s most healthy and sustainable cities.

The Mission of Chiang Mai Nayu is to contribute to the city’s sustainability transformation by creating a “blueprint of sustainability” with a particular focus upon four dimensions of sustainability, namely: nature, economy, society and wellbeing, and measuring our progress in each of these dimensions.

The main objective of Chiang Mai Nayu is to inform the public of the cities progress towards sustainability and in addition to bring together institutions, organizations and business that care about Chiang Mai and Sustainability. And finally, to inspire the community to take an active role in transforming Chiang Mai to become one of South East Asia’s healthiest and most sustainable cities.

Go to the dashboard page and select one of the four dimensions [Nature, Economy, Society, Wellbeing] you are most interested in, and begin reading each of the five Sustainability Indicators. Then move onto another dimension and read those associated Sustainability Indicators. Identify which indicators most interest you then contact us to join the team working on that indicator.

Trend data, is data that is collected from several past years or decades to portray a trend or pattern in the data. In which direction is the data informing us that this system is heading. Take for example, urban green spaces, when looking at the past years data of the amount of urban green spaces within Chiang Mai, we will be able to see a trend as to whether there is an increase or decrease in urban green spaces in Chiang Mai and whether we meet the minimum requirements as suggested by the World Health Organization of nine square meters of green space per person.

Chiang Mai Nayu does not create data, it aggregates data from existing public sources such as universities, NGO’s, and local government among other sources. It aggregates and visually displays this data, or more specifically trend data, to informing the public of how Chiang Mai is doing in a particular indicator.

During 2018/19, we initiated phase one, a series of public dialogues, workshops and a surveys to comprehend what were the main issues and areas of concerns with regards to the long-term future sustainability of Chiang Mai. These public dialogues and workshops were framed through the framework of the four dimensions of sustainability, Nature, Economy, Society and Individual Wellbeing. From that survey work there was a common pattern of four to five areas of concern that the public shared with us.

During 2020/2, we initiated phase two, the creation of a “blueprint of sustainability” for Chiang Mai city. This “blueprint” consists of both the four dimensions of sustainability (nature, economy, society, wellbeing) and the specific “sustainability indicators”, identified in phase 1 that are connected to each dimension.

If you would like to contribute to the efforts of Chiang Mai Nayu, please contact us, stating which indicator you are interested in or what you would like to do and we will then follow up with you.

Collaborators are individuals or organizations that have chosen to support Chiang Mai Nayu in a voluntary capacity. In exchange, they have access to a broad network of collaborators and projects that are ongoing in Chiang Mai. The volunteers also learn a lot about the area they have chosen to focus upon, which for younger people, could be very useful when developing a career or business in this area. Furthermore, collaborators receive guidance and support from Luke and Susana so they may be successful in what they do.


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